Synonyms for Alkali:


alkaline (adjective)


acid, compound, chemical, carboniferous, catalyst, element, agrochemical, chloride. alkali (noun)
gas (noun)
salt (noun)
lime, rubidium hydrate, magnesia, potassium hydrate, sodium carbonate, caesium hydrate, antacid, ammonia, soda, ammonium hydroxide, ammonium hydrate, lithium hydrate, salt.
soluble base; opposite of an acid (noun)
antacid, salt.
substance (noun)

Other synonyms:

carboniferous, element, chloride, catalyst, chemical, salt, agrochemical, compound. Other relevant words:
catalyst, soda, base, salt, element, compound, antacid, chemical, carboniferous, ammonia.

Usage examples for alkali

  1. A little puff of alkali dust attested the movement. – Way of the Lawless by Max Brand
  2. We can foretel, for example, the respective effects which a tale of distress will have upon a cold- hearted miser, and a man of active benevolence, with the same confidence with which we can predict the different actions of an acid upon an alkali and upon a metal;- and there are individuals in regard to whose integrity and veracity, in any situation in which they can be placed, we have a confidence similar to that with which we rely on the course of nature. – The Philosophy of the Moral Feelings by John Abercrombie
  3. He was heading his old company to the very fringe of the alkali – The Puppet Crown by Harold MacGrath