Synonyms for Sinister:


all (adjective)
dark, black.
dark (adjective)
dishonest (adjective)
evil (adjective)
hideous, satanic, deleterious, foul, loathsome, atrocious, offensive, unfortunate, bad, dire, wicked, pernicious, unfavorable, terrible, revolting, repulsive, destructive, nefarious, damnable, dishonest, poisonous, abominable, disgraceful, malign, evil, heinous, calamitous, injurious, foreboding, harmful, unpropitious, mischievous, woeful, detrimental, adverse, unlucky, reprehensible, monstrous, Fiendish, devilish, sinful, repugnant, baneful, repellent, diabolical.
harmful (adjective)
pernicious, mischievous.
hateful (adjective)
hopeless (adjective)
left (adjective)
malevolent (adjective)
malignant, churlish, mean, baneful, spiteful, rancorous, treacherous, wicked, foul, venomous, perfidious, evil, bitter, virulent, hateful, vindictive, catty, antagonistic, baleful, ill-natured, malicious, vicious, hurtful, sullen, hostile, corrosive, Black-hearted, nasty, malevolent.
nasty, menacing (adjective)
injurious, dire, malign, harmful, adverse, malevolent, dishonest, hurtful, baneful, deleterious, malignant, unpropitious, unfortunate, woeful, foreboding, corrupt, perverse, threatening, mischievous, poisonous, evil, baleful, unfavorable, obnoxious, bad, pernicious, unlucky, ominous.
threatening (adjective)
minatory, minacious.
wicked (adjective)
improper, criminal, indecent, damnable, sadistic, perverse, shocking, wicked, sinful, villainous, obnoxious, reprehensible, blameworthy, lawbreaking, debauched, Misdoing, corrupt, base, black, evildoing, immoral, wrongdoing, depraved, scandalous, degenerate, debased, bad, iniquitous, felonious.


warn, malign. sinister (noun)
baleful, menacing, sinistral, wicked, ominous, black, minatory, ugly, alarming, dark, threatening, forbidding, evil, minacious.

Other synonyms:

dishonest. malign. injurious
Other relevant words:
menacing, sinistral, forbidding, devilish, foreboding, pernicious, injurious, adverse, alarming, dire, threatening, harmful, ugly, unpropitious, unfortunate, warn, mischievous, unlucky, deleterious, dark, minacious, diabolical, ominous, poisonous, Fiendish, malign, satanic, woeful, minatory, unfavorable, dishonest.

Usage examples for sinister

  1. The neighborhood, likewise, seemed sinister – Lefty Locke Pitcher-Manager by Burt L. Standish
  2. His manner was somewhat sinister and disagreeable. – In Indian Mexico (1908) by Frederick Starr