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irredeemable - 52 results
Other synonyms:

invariable, inconvertible, creditor, for good, unregenerate, whatever happens, borrowing, broker-dealer, unconvertible, final, bid price, unrecoverable, unexchangeable, bull market, foreclose, irrecoverable, hopeless, unchanging, unredeemable, unrecoverable, unreformable, wicked, bull, financier, bear market, constant, beyond redemption, extension, bullish, irreversible, creditworthy, incorrigible, borrowing power, bondholder, irreclaimable, creditworthiness, irreformable, unvarying, irretrievable, bear, rigid, debt collector, firm, irrecoverable, irretrievable, bearish, compound interest, irreparable, irremediable, bid, irremediable, incurable.

Examples of usage:

The other debt was irredeemable, but this at any rate could be paid. - "The White Wolf and Other Fireside Tales", Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch.

Then the storm- cloud of the revolution broke athwart the length and breadth of fair France, relentless, and indomitable and irredeemable. - "Terribly Intimate Portraits", Noël Coward.

Irredeemable hideousness and the comfort of congregations as a set- off to it. - "Gossamer 1915", George A. Birmingham.

Similar words:

irremediable, irreclaimable, irrecoverable, irremovable, irrefutable, irreplaceable, irrepressible, irresistible, irresistible impulse, irrelevance.

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