Synonyms for Supernatural:


ghostly (adjective)
apparitional, spectral, ghostly.
heavenly (adjective)
immaterial (adjective)
abstract, immaterial, imaginary, intangible, bodiless, ethereal, impalpable, unearthly, incorporeal, unworldly, conceptual, unsubstantial, spiritual, eerie, theoretical, imponderable.
mysterious, not of this world (adjective)
preternatural, dark, occult, fabulous, ghostly, spectral, celestial, unearthly, invisible, metaphysical, mythological, transcendental, obscure, unknown, psychic, unfathomable, mythical, uncanny, hidden, miraculous, legendary, unintelligible, impenetrable, secret, mystic.
mystic (adjective)
psychical (adjective)
spiritual, psychoanalytical, psychic, psychological, subliminal, hysterical, telepathic, mystical, hallucinatory, astrological, mental, hypnotic.
secret (adjective)
spooky (adjective)


alchemy, black magic, halloween, enchantment, enchanted, curse, abracadabra, ESP, the black arts, extrasensory perception. divine (noun)
celestial, almighty, holy, divine, godlike.
supernatural (noun)
eldritch, miraculous, metaphysical, spiritual, ghostlike, magic, phantasmal, occult, necromantic, talismanic, uncanny, sorcerous, marvellous, charming, preternatural, magical, wizardly, nonnatural, marvelous, witching, wizard, transmundane, spectral, otherworldly, weird, witchlike, ghostly, fey, elfin, unearthly, transcendental, apparitional.

Other synonyms:

divine, invisible. abracadabra. divine
Other relevant words:
fabulous, dark, eldritch, uncanny, secret, mystic, spectral, obscure, mysterious, occult, mythical, transmundane, phantasmal, magic, transcendental, legendary, unfathomable, marvelous, mythological, divine, preternatural, hidden, fey, marvellous, witching, apparitional, miraculous, nonnatural, metaphysical, charming, impenetrable, inscrutable, ghostly, black magic, otherworldly, incomprehensible, talismanic, sorcerous, holy, magical, wizardly, invisible, unintelligible, unknown, elfin, godlike, abracadabra, wizard, celestial, witchlike, ghostlike, weird, necromantic.

Usage examples for supernatural

  1. Thus everyday life surrounded him like a supernatural story; and that region, which most men can only conceive as something distant and incomprehensible, seemed to him like a beloved home. – Henry of Ofterdingen: A Romance. by Friedrich von Hardenberg