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sword - 89 results
Other synonyms:

make, vane, steel, smallsword, stain, foil, cavalry sword, pommel, mark, blade, Toledo blade, stigma, firebrand, epee, samurai sword, hilt, trade name, dart, brand, leaf blade, brand name, marque, garrotte, bill.

Examples of usage:

We demand nothing from you but your sword. - "The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers", Georg Ebers.

These with a sword he arranged to his own satisfaction under the pillow, and in about an hour, we sat down to a good and substantial supper. - "A Book For The Young", Sarah French.

One blow of your sword and his head would lie at your feet." - "Love and Lucy", Maurice Henry Hewlett.

Similar words:

sword bean, sword cane, sword dance, sword dancing, sword lily, sword stick, sword-shaped, swoon, swoop.

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