Synonyms for Misery:


regret, remorse. deterrence, kiss of death, crime, cloud, happy, disincentive, deterrent, hammer blow, evil, goad. smart, twinge, prickle. adversity (noun)
casualty, misfortune, blight, hardship, disaster, catastrophe, hard luck, difficulty, hard times, trouble, tribulation, mishap, destitution, bane, peril, bad luck, ordeal, calamity, rainy day, woe, tragedy, trial, burden, misadventure, poorness, curse, adversity, dolor, contretemps, poverty.
dejection (noun)
dreariness, wistfulness, plaintiveness, moodiness, contemplativeness, sadness, mournfulness, blues, dolorousness, grimness, sullenness, pensiveness.
depression (noun)
cheerlessness, dispiritedness, gloominess, woefulness, bleakness, dreariness, unhappiness.
discontentment (noun)
discomposure, angst, non-satisfaction, wretchedness, exasperation, displeasure, sourness, despondence, ennui, boredom, disquiet, frustration, anxiety, dissatisfaction, inquietude, unhappiness, disgruntlement, joylessness, uneasiness, discontent.
disease (noun)
hopelessness (noun)
downheartedness, despair, anguish, hopelessness, discouragement, bleakness, melancholy, despondency, moroseness, forlornness, spiritlessness, heartlessness, dejection, abandonment, gloominess, cheerlessness, desperation, depression, glumness, pessimism, disheartenment, dispiritedness.
misery (noun)
pain (noun)
infliction, inflammation, hurt, painfulness, gripe, Migraine, stab, bruise, stitch, spasm, grief, agony, ache, torment, torture, bite, wrench, crick, throb, rack, wound, sting, smarting, cramp, earache, chafing, distress, discomfort, malaise, Back Ache, headache, pang, throe, pain, irritation, burn, affliction, sore, injury, suffering.
pain, mental or physical (noun)
desolation, blues, despair, wretchedness, woe, discomfort, melancholy, stitch, anguish, headache, agony, torture, pang, sadness, hardship, twinge, suffering, depression, ache, torment, throe, worry, unhappiness, despondency, distress, dolor, grief.
painfulness (noun)
bitterness, woefulness, acuteness, aggravation, offensiveness, arduousness, distressfulness, grievousness, uncomfortableness, oppressiveness, irksomeness, unpleasantness, hurtfulness, odiousness, cruelty, severity, annoyingness, soreness.
state (noun)
trouble (noun)
trouble, disaster (noun)
anxiety, misfortune, poverty, calamity, curse, ordeal, difficulty, affliction, trial, destitution, tribulation, catastrophe, burden, problem, adversity.

Other synonyms:

regret, remorse. desolation, twinge. prickle. smart. Other relevant words:
prickle, regret, remorse, problem, twinge, smart, worry, evil, desolation.

Usage examples for misery

  1. " I never shall forget the misery of my first months, till Harry came into our office. – Janet's Love and Service by Margaret M Robertson
  2. She had a whole month to think over it- and then to bring all this misery upon him at the last moment. – Sisters Three by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
  3. She looked at him, misery on her face. – Pursuit by Lester del Rey