Synonyms for Abandonment:


keep. waiver, Demission, quitclaim. abandon (noun)
wantonness, wildness, unrestraint.
abandonment (noun)
desertion, surrender, discontinuation, withdrawal, forsaking, abdication, defection, apostasy, vacation, resignation, relinquishment, tergiversation.
abdication (noun)
relinquishment, surrender, quitclaim, waiver, renunciation, resignation.
act (noun)
desertion, forsaking.
cessation (noun)
halt, termination, stoppage, ending, cessation, end, discontinuance, stay, closure, pause, standstill, interruption, hiatus.
departure (noun)
embarkation, leave-taking, departure, parting, exit, exodus.
desolation (noun)
desert, inhospitability, starkness, loneliness, barrenness, bleakness, emptiness.
disuse (noun)
disuse, rejection, desuetude, Rustiness, obsoleteness, refusal.
forsaking (noun)
dereliction, desertion.
hopelessness (noun)
desperation, dejection, downheartedness, gloominess, spiritlessness, melancholy, discouragement, depression, misery, forlornness, cheerlessness, despondency, hopelessness, glumness, despair, moroseness, dispiritedness, disheartenment, heartlessness, anguish, pessimism.
leaving (noun)
quitclaim (noun)
rejection (noun)
ejection, repudiation, elimination, blacklisting, eradication, curtailment, disapproval, denial, Disallowance, expulsion, exclusion, Blackballing.
relinquishment (noun)
dereliction, waiver, capitulation, Disclamation, release, renunciation.
renunciation (noun)
backsliding, betrayal, renouncement, disavowal, crossing, about-face, abnegation, Retractation, turnabout.
resignation (noun)
acceptance, retirement.
riddance (noun)
dismissal, cancellation, riddance, relegation, disposal.

Other synonyms:

wantonness, unrestraint, Demission, quitclaim. incontinence. wildness.

Usage examples for abandonment

  1. She saw her son just before he left, as she thought, for America, and then retired to the Rinuccini- now the Bonaparte- Palace at Rome, where she died in 1836. She had been anxious to join Napoleon at St. Helena, and had refused, as long as Napoleon was alive, to forgive her daughter Caroline, the wife of Murat, for her abandonment of her brother. – The Project Gutenberg Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte by Bourrienne, Constant, and Stewarton
  2. Well, it is the whole- hearted, determined abandonment of everything for the King's sake. – Godliness by Catherine Booth
  3. As regards the two last, the abandonment of all opposition to the Infallibilist dogma, and to every other decree on faith in a Papal sense, is an indispensable condition. – Letters From Rome on the Council by Johann Joseph Ignaz von Döllinger