Synonyms for Sorrowful:


brokenhearted (adjective)
doleful (adjective)
lamenting (adjective)
regretful (adjective)
mourning, grieving, repentant, penitent, remorseful, contrite, regretful, shameful, lamenting, rueful.
tearful (adjective)
very upset; grieving (adjective)
heartrending, sad, in sorrow, dejected, lamentable, mournful, rueful, grievous, depressed, tearful, plaintive, afflicted, in mourning, heartbroken, woeful, woebegone, lugubrious, doleful.
woebegone (adjective)


depressed, bleak, study at sad, homesick, wistful, afflicted, subdued, in mourning, dejected, in sorrow. deplorable, regrettable. sorrowful (noun)
woeful, grief-stricken, lamenting, weeping, heartbreaking, wailful, bereft, bitter, tortured, heartsick, brokenhearted, lugubrious, elegiac, lachrymose, lamentable, sorrowing, sad, mourning, dolorous, heartrending, dolourous, woebegone, grieving, wailing, mournful, heartbroken, bereaved, anguished, tearful, tormented, plaintive, grievous.

Other synonyms:

homesick, wistful. regrettable, subdued. deplorable. sad
doleful, sad.
Other relevant words:
elegiac, doleful, bitter, wailing, grief-stricken, heartsick, subdued, in sorrow, brokenhearted, woeful, heartbreaking, afflicted, dolorous, sorrowing, deplorable, lachrymose, bereaved, tearful, homesick, weeping, anguished, woebegone, dejected, grievous, regrettable, sad, mournful, bereft, wailful, wistful, in mourning, heartbroken, depressed, lamentable, dolourous, plaintive, tortured, bleak, tormented, lugubrious, heartrending.

Usage examples for sorrowful

  1. I am sorrowful excited. – Marie Bashkirtseff (From Childhood to Girlhood) by Marie Bashkirtseff
  2. But Dumalawi was very sorrowful for he knew now that his father wanted to destroy him. – Philippine Folk Tales by Mabel Cook Cole
  3. On the staircase the Italian servants were waiting, anxious and sorrowful – The Gadfly by E. L. Voynich