Synonyms for Frisky:


all (adjective)
feisty (adjective)
full of spirit (adjective)
zippy, playful, spirited, sportive, lively, active, peppy, frolicsome, kittenish.
lively (adjective)
sportive (adjective)


alive, dynamic. frolicsome, mischievous, arouse, on the pull, impish, randy, hot, work, desire, want, waggish, sportive, excite. frisky (noun)
kittenish, playful.
spirited (noun)
frolicsome, jaunty.

Other synonyms:

randy. impish, sportive, arouse, waggish, desire, frolicsome. mischievous, want. excite. hot. debonair
Other relevant words:
frolicsome, playful, arouse, impish, mischievous, alive, waggish, sportive, kittenish, hot, excite, jaunty.

Usage examples for frisky

  1. There were similar differences between Frisky and My Lord, as between Georgette and Mrs. Grivois. – The Wandering Jew, Book II. by Eugene Sue
  2. She was as frisky as a young colt who had just taken his bit between his teeth and had bolted. – Our Bessie by Rosa Nouchette Carey
  3. Yes, they do, but you found them pretty frisky for pups, didn't you? – Tabitha's Vacation by Ruth Alberta Brown