Synonyms for Revere:


defer to, bow down to, put someone on a pedestal, look up to. sacred. person (noun)
Paul Revere.
revere (noun)
Paul Revere, fear, venerate, reverence, idolize, revers, hero worship, worship, idolise.
reverence (noun)
worship the ground someone walks on.


idolize (verb)
worship, consecrate, idolize, deify, venerate, admire, glorify, adore.
prize (verb)
cherish, venerate, respect, defer to, regard, worship, honor, adore, admire, esteem, exalt, reverence, deify.
respect (verb)
esteem, honor, defer, regard, respect.
worship (verb)
devote, dignify, cherish, exalt, pray.

Other synonyms:

look up to, defer to, bow down to. respect
defer to.
bow down to.
Other relevant words:
Paul Revere, fear, sacred, reverence, look up to, revers, defer to, hero worship, idolise.

Usage examples for revere

  1. It is given to us for us to protect and encourage- I may say, to revere – The Associate Hermits by Frank R. Stockton
  2. I love him, I revere him. – The Frozen Deep by Wilkie Collins