Synonyms for Pray:


appeal, the Book of Common Prayer, plead, celebrate, baptism, baptise, baptize, anthem, benediction, amen, call down, catechism. do with, how, kindly, what has/will become of, what's gotten into someone?, keep, where has someone/something gotten to?, religion, anyway, what (has) happened to something, just. build castles in the air, conjure, sue, live in hope, have something to live for, hope, pin your hopes/faith on, be betting on something, aim, hold out hope, dream. pray (noun)
implore, beg.


plead; call upon for help, answer (verb)
appeal, sue, implore.
worship (verb)
cherish, worship, venerate, revere, devote, deify, dignify, adore, exalt, admire, idolize, respect.

Other synonyms:

dream. sue, plead. request
beg, appeal.