Synonyms for Criticize:


analyze, scrutinize, rebuke, remonstrate, put down, find fault with, probe, examine, study. check, monitor, go over, inspect, praise, cut-up, fault, check over, pan. words, opinion, review. criticize (noun)
criticise, pick apart.


accuse (verb)
charge, denounce, inculpate, scold, reproach, allege, condemn, incriminate, implicate, arraign, cite, accuse, impute, blame, complain, impeach.
analyze, interpret (verb)
probe, scrutinize, examine, review, study.
criticize (verb)
disapprove (verb)
chastise, admonish, defile, denigrate, censure, deprecate, vilify, defame, disapprove, renounce, disparage, discredit, chide, scorn, chasten, castigate, upbraid, deride.
disapprove, judge as bad (verb)
blame, castigate, denounce, reprimand, chide, condemn, censure, pan, disparage, chastise.
protest (verb)

Other synonyms:

examine, rebuke. put down. pan. fault, review. blame
find fault with.
Other relevant words:
fault, review, study, remonstrate, pan, scrutinize, find fault with, examine, probe, pick apart, criticise, rebuke.

Usage examples for criticize

  1. " I want you to criticize me," he said. – The Dwelling Place of Light, Complete by Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 5, 2009
  2. He was daring to criticize – The Adventures of Sally by P. G. Wodehouse