Synonyms for Repentant:


ascetic (adjective)
austere, dry, spartan, abstinent, stark, miserly, parsimonious, lenten, penitential, ascetic, teetotaling, severe, celibate, hermit-like, trappist, abstemious, franciscan, stoic, monastic.
penitent (adjective)
apologetic, penitent, remorseful, Atoning, regretful, Self-reproaching, Compunctious, sorry, contrite.
regretful (adjective)
rueful, contrite, shameful, sorrowful, regretful, mourning, penitent, remorseful, grieving, lamenting.
sorry (adjective)
penitent, rueful, remorseful, contrite, regretful.


ashamed, embarrassed, uncomfortable, guilty, foolish, feel/look small, abashed. regret, Compunctious, someone will live to regret something. repentant (noun)
penitent, penitential, ruthful, rueful, remorseful, sorry, contrite.

Other synonyms:

abashed, uncomfortable, guilty, foolish, embarrassed, Compunctious. embarrassed
Other relevant words:
foolish, ruthful, guilty, regret, uncomfortable, embarrassed, sorry, Compunctious, abashed, ashamed.

Usage examples for repentant

  1. " Say, it did sound like it, sure as anything," admitted the repentant Bandy- legs. – The Strange Cabin on Catamount Island by Lawrence J. Leslie
  2. He divined enough of the business to see that there was some strange intelligence to be fished out of the culprit who sat compressing hysterics before him; and as he was never more in his element than when he had a sinner, and a repentant prostrate abject sinner in hand, his affable countenance might well deceive poor Berry. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith