Synonyms for Animated:


active (adjective)
enterprising, vivacious, dynamic, active, busy, assiduous, moving, lively, stirring, spirited, energetic, industrious, tireless, sedulous, sprightly, eager, bustling.
all (adjective)
bubbly (adjective)
full of life.
energetic (adjective)
enthusiastic (adjective)
excited (adjective)
feverish, disquieted, stimulated, agitated, fiery, impassioned, electrified, turbulent, anxious, ardent, fervent, passionate, effervescent, Energized, breathless, exhilarated, excited, burning, attentive, aroused, disturbed, inflamed.
lively (adjective)
fervent, ardent, passionate, vivacious, activated, energetic, alert, vital, bouncy, zestful, enthusiastic, brisk, lively, dynamic, zippy, Energized, mettlesome, excited, animate, vigorous, active, spirited, happy, zealous, peppy, sprightly.
vigorous (adjective)
zippy, excited, spirited, agitated, afire, eager, peppy, lively, exuberant, fervent, ardent, passionate, potent, ablaze, full-blooded, vigorous, strong, powerful, puissant, impassioned, zealous, prolific, earnest, frisky, energetic, burning, emphatic, hearty, strenuous, mettlesome, zestful, sprightly, enthusiastic, virile, lusty, industrious, active, fiery.


3-D, black and white, art-house, documentary, indie, feature-length, letterbox, noir, split-screen. living, animate. high-spirited, bouncy, action, dashing, chipper, pert. animated (noun)
lively, full of life, moving, alive, enlivened, reanimated, revived, spirited, vital.
spirited (noun)
happy, study atalive, lifelike.


excited (verb)
invigorated (verb)
powered, invigorated, revived, activated, enlivened, strengthened, Energized, Roused, enthused.

Other synonyms:

happy, documentary, feature-length, split-screen, bouncy, noir, letterbox. pert, high-spirited, black and white, art-house, chipper. indie, dashing. Other relevant words:
happy, chipper, indie, pert, feature-length, letterbox, living, lifelike, action, reanimated, art-house, noir, documentary, split-screen, bouncy, full of life, 3-D, black and white, animate, alive, dashing, high-spirited.

Usage examples for animated

  1. He approached the animated and peevish groups of citizens that had formed a little before for the purpose of discussing the imminent war as if he wanted them to notice him. – Fighting France by Stephane Lauzanne
  2. Delia suddenly bent forward to him, as he was about to shut the door, with an animated look-" Can you tell me who that gentleman is who has just walked off towards the village?" – Delia Blanchflower by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  3. A fancied resemblance to different animated creatures has been observed in some. – The Astronomy of Milton's 'Paradise Lost' by Thomas Orchard