Synonyms for Avaricious:


all (adjective)
grasping, grabby, greedy, covetous, prehensile.
avaricious (adjective)
monopolistic, mercenary, money-grubbing, acquisitive, hoarding, possessive, usurious, miserly, selfish, venal, rapacious, grasping, sordid, greedy, Cadging.
grabby (adjective)
greedy (adjective)
rapacious, hoarding, selfish, covetous, money-grubbing.


desire, give, hungry. avaricious (noun)
grabby, acquisitive, greedy, grasping, covetous, prehensile.
greedy (noun)
study atgreedy.

Other synonyms:

hungry. Other relevant words:
desire, acquisitive, hungry, grabby, covetous, prehensile.

Usage examples for avaricious

  1. The lovely Elspeth wept in her room over her husband's ill- nature, and she often wished she were back again in her father's mean cottage instead of having to live in the house of the rich, avaricious and hard- hearted Peter. – The Marvellous History of the Shadowless Man and The Cold Heart by Adelbert von Chamisso Wilhelm Hauff
  2. But the beggars were disappointed, for they had hoped that he would turn out to be avaricious and endeavour to elude them by walking through narrow and lonely streets, where they might catch him. – Khaled, A Tale of Arabia by F. Marion Crawford
  3. The absolute master of realms on which the sun perpetually shone, he was not only greedy for additional dominion, but he was avaricious in small matters, and hated to part with a hundred dollars. – Project Gutenberg History of The Netherlands, 1555-1623, Complete by John Lothrop Motley