Synonyms for Zeal:


effort, exertion, strain, heavy lifting, undertaking, work, challenge, dedication, pursuit. feelings, zealousness, concern. alacrity (noun)
sprightliness, willingness, enthusiasm.
ambition (noun)
energy, vigor.
animation (noun)
vim, zing, pep, excitement, vivacity, zip.
appetite (noun)
application (noun)
industry, effort, attention, assiduity, dedication.
energy (noun)
fire, activity, spark, vivacity, vim, zip, pep, stamina, force, spunk, strength, potency, zing, energy, snap, might, vigor, spirit, drive, puissance, power, verve, effervescence, fervor.
enthusiasm (noun)
industry (noun)
bustle, industry, care, diligence, perseverance, idleness, determination, cooperation, attention, hustle, aptitude, willingness, dispatch, push, assiduity, enterprise, slackness, inclination, hop, Hustling, application, initiative.
life (noun)
vigor (noun)
earnestness, animation, agitation, friskiness, eagerness, Ardency, liveliness, enthusiasm, exuberance, excitement, industriousness, agility, passion, sprightliness, fervency, gusto, zest, relish, lustiness.
zeal (noun)
dispatch, initiative, drive, elan, perseverance, hustle, earnestness, eagerness, diligence, gusto, bustle, verve, enterprise, push, determination, fervor, spirit, inclination, fire, zest, ardor, passion.

Other synonyms:

industry, zealousness. Other relevant words:
concern, elan, care, diligence, aptitude, dedication, cooperation, hustle, willingness, inclination, work, hop, Hustling, push, zealousness, dispatch, slackness, idleness, strain, exertion, bustle, initiative, application, attention, challenge, assiduity, enterprise, undertaking, effort, perseverance, industry, determination, pursuit, feelings.

Usage examples for zeal

  1. Winnie took it in the same pleasant mood and began upon both with great zeal but before she had got half through the strawberries something seemed to come over her recollection; and the latter part of the meal her face grew more shadowy than the growing evening. – Hills of the Shatemuc by Susan Warner
  2. They all sang out when they caught sight of our party, and greeted me with a zeal to carry me off my feet. – Richard Carvel, Complete by Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 5, 2009