Synonyms for Pelt:


direct, point, aim. brush, exoskeleton, camouflage, dander, coat, down, surface, armor, armour, jacket, dewlap, beard. hail, snow, rain, drizzle, the heavens opened, come down, beat down, lash down. animal fur (noun)
wool, skin, hide, jacket, hair, epidermis, coat.
covering (noun)
hide (noun)
wool, study at skin, hair.
pelt (noun)
hide, bombard, rain buckets, skin, stream, pepper, fur, pour, rain cats and dogs.
skin (noun)
hide, membrane, leather, epidermis, skin, dermis, cuticle, rind.


beat; throw hard (verb)
sling, rain, pepper, pour, hurl, cast, bombard.
competition (verb)
propel (verb)
fire, chuck, impel, precipitate, compel, heave, cast, project, fling, shove, goad, bunt, hurl, butt, propel, lob, thrust, push, prod, pitch, toss, throw, launch, drive, shunt, cant, bowl, flick, catapult, sling, ram.

Other synonyms:

lash down. drizzle, jacket, snow, coat. beat down, rain. hail. come down. Other relevant words:
pepper, coat, stream, pour, hail, bombard, come down, drizzle, fur, jacket, hair, rain, rain cats and dogs, snow, wool, rain buckets.

Usage examples for pelt

  1. Black isn't our colour, so for fun we'll pelt the robed one. – A Heart-Song of To-day by Annie Gregg Savigny
  2. I suspected that Tim Gorman would pelt me with even more recondite scientific terms if I let things go on. – Gossamer 1915 by George A. Birmingham