Synonyms for Cherry:


bright red color (adjective)
rosy, Rubescent, cerise, blushing, ruddy, claret, crimson, incarnadine, Erubescent, reddish, blooming.
red (adjective)
damask, blushing, puce, wine-colored, maroon, pink, copper, magenta, red, poppy, flushed, ruby, cinnabar, cerise, vermilion, carmine, carnation, crimson, ruddy, madder, brick, scarlet.


brushwood, deal, brush. cherry (noun)
blood-red, cherry tree, crimson, cerise, cherry red, scarlet, red, chromatic, ruby, carmine, reddish, ruddy, ruby-red.
colors (noun)
bronze, blue, buff, aquamarine, brown, black, biscuit, blackness, aqua.
fruit (noun)
loganberry, nectarine, cranberry, fruit, currant, blueberry, passion fruit, grape, prune, melon, guava, casaba melon, grapefruit, plum, tangerine, watermelon, cantaloupe, berry, raspberry, strawberry, date, raisin, pomegranate, banana, tamarind, pineapple, gooseberry, olive, mango, blackberry.
fruits (noun)
beefsteak tomato, bilberry, blood orange, black currant, ackee.
red (noun)
puce, magenta, scarlet, cerise, ruby, claret, chestnut, copper, carmine.
ruddy (noun)
rosy, claret, bright-red, blooming, bright, light red, Rubescent, Erubescent, cherry-colored, incarnadine.
tree (noun)
larch, pecan, papaya, rosewood, dogwood, sycamore, cypress, balsa, elm, redwood, cedar, lemon, sequoia, linden, cottonwood, chestnut, pine, walnut, fig, ash, banyan, mangrove, quince, tree, orange, apricot, butternut, juniper, palm, acacia, mahogany, gum, citron, peach, maple, spruce, ebony, birch, weeping willow, mountain ash, almond, magnolia, willow, oak, mulberry, tamarack, pear, fir, yew, cassia, eucalyptus, coconut, hickory, breadfruit, balsam, lime, avocado, elder, teak, alder, mimosa, ironwood, poplar, aspen, apple, locust, beech, cashew, laurel, sandalwood.
trees (noun)
bay, bay tree, baobab.
wood (noun)
cork, wood, tupelo, sumac, hazel, cyprus, knotty pine.

n. & a.

red (noun, adjective)

Other synonyms:

brushwood. deal. brush. Other relevant words:
brown, buff, biscuit, blood-red, black, baobab, chromatic, blue, reddish, brushwood, bronze, bilberry, bright, deal, cherry red, cherry-colored, bay, aqua, ruby-red, Erubescent, blackness, rosy, incarnadine, ackee, Rubescent, claret, blooming, cherry tree, brush, aquamarine.

Usage examples for cherry

  1. Then there are the various fruit trees, cherry peach, pear, and apple. – If You're Going to Live in the Country by Thomas H. Ormsbee and Richmond Huntley
  2. O Cherry if I were but older- I know I could- I'd save Felix from this horrible thing! – The Pillars of the House, V1 by Charlotte M. Yonge
  3. But just- I say- how's Cherry – The Pillars of the House, V1 by Charlotte M. Yonge