Synonyms for Flick:


coax, engage, actuate, crank, energize, flash, graze, control, touch, skim, brush, eject, activate. anime, biopic, costume drama, chiller, blue movie, chick flick, buddy movie, B movie, animation, cartoon. dart, outpace, be quick on your feet, gallop, race, surge, speed, hasten, charge, fly. jump, dive, start, lunge, rush. take one look at, give someone/something the once-over, peep, sneak a look/glance etc. at, glance, steal a glance/look, peek. whisk, pop, zap, zip, whip, slide. film (noun)
motion picture, picture show.
flick (noun)
motion picture, thumb, flicker, leaf, moving picture, movie, riff, picture, ruffle, flip, jerk, film, snap, click, riffle, pic, picture show.
movie (noun)
moving picture (noun)
moving picture.

n. & v.

flip (noun, verb)


contact (verb)
light touch (verb)
flip, snap, flicker.
motion (verb)
perception (verb)
propel (verb)
cant, cast, drive, chuck, butt, fling, bunt, throw, launch, bowl, heave, toss, shove, propel, ram, thrust, catapult, compel, hurl, impel, lob, prod, sling, goad, precipitate, fire, push, project, pelt, pitch, shunt.

Other synonyms:

actuate, activate, start, coax, eject. engage, control, glance, peek, energize, crank. graze. lunge, whisk, brush. flash, skim. dart. peep. dive. slide, whip. rush. jump. Other relevant words:
snap, engage, cartoon, pop, peep, start, riff, dart, surge, jump, peek, flash, actuate, race, graze, dive, glance, whisk, whip, moving picture, rush, leaf, fly, film, movie, brush, motion picture, lunge, flip, picture show, hasten, picture, chiller, animation, riffle, thumb, biopic, jerk, click, coax, pic, zap, gallop, zip, outpace, skim, activate, charge, crank, anime, touch, energize, flicker, eject, control, speed, ruffle, slide.

Usage examples for flick

  1. Your fingertips catch under the butt; they flick up. – Bull Hunter by Max Brand
  2. They felt, rather than saw, the light flick abruptly out. – Feline Red by Robert Sampson
  3. Now he needed only to flick off the safety catch and fire. – The Flying Stingaree by Harold Leland Goodwin