Synonyms for Whisk:


Barbie, burner, blender, barbecue, cooker, beater, broiler, coffee maker, colander, coffee machine. fly, be quick on your feet, dart, trot, whirl, whiz, tear, shoot, sprint, rush, hustle, race, pelt, fleet, bustle, bolt, rip, move, run, barrel, gallop, sail, flit, hotfoot, wing, dash, surge, highball, zip, flash, speed, festinate, hurry, scoot, nip, zoom, hasten, scour, haste, rocket, bucket, charge, outpace. blend, butter, blanch, repetition, carve, bone, beat, chill, butcher, assemble, bake, butchery. pop, zap, skim, shove, fling, slide, flick. flit (noun)
hurry, speed, flutter.
whisk (noun)
whisk off, whiskbroom, whip.


brush quickly; hasten (verb)
barrel, whiz, speed, rush, hurry, flick, flit, tear, dart, whip, race, flutter, zip, shoot, fly, dash.
contact (verb)
derange (verb)
dishevel, roughen, swirl, botch, ripple, confuse, perturb, roil, ruffle, blur, tumble, discompose, displace, whip, confound, disarrange, scatter, churn, tamper, toss, hash, disturb, rummage, trouble, scramble, convulse, mislay, rumple, disorder, mess, upset, capsize, muss, mix up, agitate, disorganize, dislocate, tousle, meddle, clutter, muddle, ferment, derange, jumble, misplace.

Other synonyms:

hasten, run, festinate. flit, rocket, bustle, highball, scoot, rush, hotfoot, zoom, dart. sail, sprint, rip. whiz, bucket, tear, flash. haste, whirl, hustle, hurry, fleet, nip, beat. fling, bolt, flick, dash. fly. shoot. blow
fleet, sail.
Other relevant words:
blender, speed, race, broiler, wing, bolt, gallop, colander, fly, repetition, tear, bustle, fleet, sail, skim, hustle, flick, sprint, nip, barbecue, charge, beat, hasten, shoot, chill, bake, fling, rush, zap, assemble, bone, rip, slide, carve, blanch, highball, haste, dart, butter, outpace, barrel, flit, zoom, shove, beater, butcher, burner, zip, surge, dash, scour, whisk off, trot, hurry, whirl, pelt, scoot, whiskbroom, festinate, flash, hotfoot, pop, cooker, run, blend, butchery, Barbie, whiz, bucket, flutter, move, rocket.

Usage examples for whisk

  1. With a whisk it had disappeared. – Grey Roses by Henry Harland