Synonyms for Jog:


bend, aquarobics, bodybuilding, chin up, aerobics, circuit training, pace, boxercise, aerobic, calisthenics, the burn. pound, shake, runner, jiggle, running. jab, smash into, collide, slam, HIT, crash, run over, dig, touch. speed, velocity, stride, rate, tempo. jog (noun)
even up, ramble, ramble on, trot, square up, nudge, clip, lope.
notch (noun)
crevice, cleft, slit, incision, cut, gash, gap, split, score, nick, serration, rift, indent, chink, indentation, notch.


activate, push (verb)
jerk, jiggle, jolt, prompt, shake, jostle, prod, punch, nudge, jab, shove, stimulate, HIT, dig.
motivate (verb)
ferment, urge, catapult, jostle, shoot, fire, throw, stimulate, lob, inspire, encourage, goad, fling, heave, provoke, launch, trigger, magnetize, motivate, foment, hasten, hurl, instigate, entice, force, hurtle, induce, impel, drive, propel, prompt, ram, move, energize.
run (verb)
tear, sprint, plunge, trot, scamper, race, dart, bound, scoot, hurry, canter, lope, scurry, scramble, run, gallop, dash, rush.
stative (verb)
ramble on, ramble.

Other synonyms:

velocity. jab, stride, tempo. running. rate. dig, pace, runner. speed. poke at

Usage examples for jog

  1. She used to love it and he was trying everything he knew to jog her memory. – Syndrome by Thomas Hoover
  2. It was impossible to make the old mules go faster than a jog trot; while the rebels were well mounted. – The Lost Despatch by Natalie Sumner Lincoln