Synonyms for Tumble:


acrobatic, gymnast, gymnastics, cartwheel, handstand, horse, acrobatics, headstand, Chakra, gymnastic. subvert, overturn, cast up, bring down, course, channel, help, unhorse, crest, deepen, catch, come in, overthrow, dash. come across, alopecia, find, bump into, frizz, hair, crowning glory, meet, forelock, bristle, curl, meet up with, highlights, run across, fuzz, run into, hairline. subside. stop, evaporate, disappear, vanish, finish, fade away, dissolve, cease, go away. landing, pratfall. drop (noun)
tumble (noun)
cotton on, twig, fall, crumble, catch on, crumple, spill, get it, collapse, break down, whirl, topple, get onto, latch on, whirl around, skirl.


derange (verb)
convulse, blur, agitate, roughen, clutter, disturb, swirl, scramble, disarrange, botch, jumble, rummage, confuse, trouble, ferment, rumple, dislocate, ruffle, tousle, toss, mislay, displace, confound, dishevel, mess, ripple, mix up, churn, upset, disorder, meddle, muddle, tamper, capsize, whisk, hash, muss, disorganize, roil, perturb, derange, scatter, whip, misplace, discompose.
descend (verb)
drop, slide, sink, slump, topple, come down, fall down, plunge, descend, fall, decline, plummet, settle, slip, lower.
fall or make fall awkwardly (verb)
plummet, unsettle, jumble, slip, spill, topple, descend, upset, disarray, skid, disturb, go down, plunge, mess up, trip, pitch, drop, slump, disarrange, bring down, toss, disorder.

Other synonyms:

depreciation, cool off, skyrocket, unhorse. nose dive, disarray, unsettle, pratfall. overturn, disrupt, subside, overthrow, skid. dive. landing. pitch. bounce, edge. trip. start. flip over
happen upon
bump into.
Other relevant words:
crumble, subvert, twig, get it, spill, depreciation, meet up with, break down, pitch, collapse, latch on, unsettle, bump into, bring down, course, disrupt, whirl around, cotton on, catch on, whirl, nose dive, subside, skid, disarray, pratfall, overturn, skirl, cartwheel, come across, dive, meet, decrease, crumple, go down, skyrocket, run across, run into, trip, unhorse, overthrow, get onto, start.

Usage examples for tumble

  1. So she ran away, and let her pitcher tumble down, and broke it. – Journeys Through Bookland V2 by Charles H. Sylvester
  2. Then I shall be compelled to use force, and tumble you into the boat in the best way I can, with the assistance of my men. – Fighting for the Right by Oliver Optic