Synonyms for Bulldoze:


force, cow, badger, drag into, pester, over, bullyrag, menace, bludgeon, strong-arm, hector. cut across, cut through, fight your way, traverse, cross, cut. excavate, shovel, burrow, tunnel, dig out, grub up, scoop, dredge. bulldoze (noun)
flatten, level, browbeat, raze, bully, force, intimidate, coerce.


bully, intimidate (verb)
cow, harass, hector, coerce, bludgeon, dragoon, browbeat.
compel (verb)
galvanize, daunt, pressure, cause, dragoon, dictate, press, push, propel, drive, coerce, goad, compel, spark, nag, oblige, incite, impel, urge, motivate, stimulate, stress, foment, hijack, mandate.
demolish (verb)
level, push, drive, raze, flatten, press, propel, force.
destroy (verb)
annihilate, eradicate, dismantle, lay waste, mow down, pulverize, decimate, destroy, disintegrate, rip to shreds, devastate, demolish, vaporize, level, raze, smash, extirpate, desolate, exterminate, wreck, tear down, abolish, atomize, flatten.
threaten (verb)
hint, intimidate, browbeat, scare, torment, forebode, Forewarn, frighten, threaten, bully, warn, admonish, harass.

Other synonyms:

excavate, grub up, drag into, pester, bludgeon, dig out. cut across, strong-arm, badger, traverse, bullyrag, hector, shovel, cow. dredge, tunnel, cut through. burrow. scoop. force. cross. cut. boss around
Other relevant words:
excavate, scoop, bullyrag, hector, force, tunnel, shovel, badger, bludgeon, cow, dredge, cut, pester, cross, strong-arm, over, traverse, burrow, menace.

Usage examples for bulldoze

  1. But whether he is or not, he sha'n't bulldoze me. – Cap'n Warren's Wards by Joseph C. Lincoln
  2. Bulldoze scrambled off the door- stone with a snarl of battle- rage and charged for the sound, but he was easily outdistanced by the huge miner, who ran with the lithe grace of an Indian. – Down the Mother Lode by Vivia Hemphill