Synonyms for Bunch:


organize, sort, galaxy, agglomeration, bouquet, tuft, range, arrange, fascicle, layer, spray, knot, oodles, thicket, lay out, order, sheaf, gathering, shock. shape, deform, twist, straighten, bend, open up, form, work, curl, reshape. close up, clump together, array, cozy up, clutch, besiege, converge. fall down, flow, breathe, hang, fit, swelling, ride up, bag, bump, pucker, hug, convex. citrus fruit, windfall, berry, fruit, dried fruit, citrus, drupe. buttonhole, flowery, nosegay, boutonniere, fresh, centerpiece, bloom, full-blown. gaggle, rogues' gallery. key, skeleton key, latchkey, fob, master key, code, Pass-key, key ring, combination. bunch (noun)
caboodle, bundle, cluster, clump, gang, crowd, lot, clustering, bunch together, bunch up, crew.
bundle (noun)
collection (noun)
council, formation, bloc, medley, federation, salad, stew, assortment, college, partnership, omnium-gatherum, corps.
collection of something (noun)
covey, caboodle, team, host, tuft, fascicle, cluster, flock, pack, crowd, crew, clump, mob, band, bouquet, party, bevy, knot, lot, agglomeration, shock, troop, gang, bundle, oodles, galaxy, spray, sheaf, assemblage, gathering, thicket, assortment, group.
crew (noun)
clique, troupe, outfit, drove, cabal, club, collection, army, union, flock, assembly, division, party, assemblage, covey, company, body, squad, pack, string, coalition, aggregation, herd, complement, nest, clan, gang, ring, caucus, fleet, tribe, regiment, junta, coterie, host, staff, detail, mob, set, platoon, troop, team, sect, wing, society, fraternity, litter, colony, fellowship, brigade, phalanx, detachment, hive, circle, crowd, posse, cadre, bevy, crew, force, school, retinue, battalion, faction, league, cell.
group (noun)
clustering, crew, cluster, crowd, clump, gang.
package (noun)
social organization (noun)


collect (verb)
band, collect, mix, assemble, compose, collate, aggregate, group.
contact (verb)
clump, bundle, cluster.
gather in group (verb)
collect, assemble, herd.
motion (verb)
bunch together, bunch up.

Other synonyms:

master key, windfall, close up, berry, citrus, ride up, nosegay, boutonniere, citrus fruit, full-blown, Pass-key, drupe, key ring, clump together, fascicle, latchkey, pucker, dried fruit, skeleton key. centerpiece, breathe, fall down, converge, knot, hug, rogues' gallery, flowery, besiege, bouquet, gaggle. fob, buttonhole, fruit. combination, bloom, flow. code. hang, spray. fresh. bag, key. fit. assembly
bundle, sheaf.
clump, tuft.

Usage examples for bunch

  1. " Charlie Bryant, bein' a rancher, guess he's roundin' up a bunch of 'strays. – The Law-Breakers by Ridgwell Cullum
  2. One more bit of that kind of conversation will cost you a bunch of salary. – Jimmy Kirkland and the Plot for a Pennant by Hugh S. Fullerton
  3. He's in with a fast bunch and I fear has been going the pace. – Bert Wilson's Fadeaway Ball by J. W. Duffield