Synonyms for Chevy:


Cadillac, Beemer, beetle, mg, ROLLS ROYCE. chevy (noun)
harass, chivy, hassle, beset, plague, chevvy, provoke, chivvy, harry.

Other synonyms:

Beemer, ROLLS ROYCE, Cadillac. mg, beetle. Other relevant words:
beetle, Beemer, mg, Cadillac.

Usage examples for chevy

  1. Cavagnari, in Afghan ballads, 163. Cervantes, 108. Chanson de Roland, 161. Charles Edward, Prince, authentic incident in Esmond, 104. Chateaubriand, 97, 115, 185- 187, 194. Chaucer, 1. Chevy Chase, 170. Chillianwalla in fiction, 128. China, religious systems, 423. Religious polity, 438. Christian missions in India, 326. Christianity and Islam, as militant religions, 400, 408, 421. Compared with Buddhism, etc. – Studies in Literature and History by Sir Alfred Comyn Lyall