Synonyms for Confound:


blend, repudiate, deflate, dispute, disabuse, explode, mix, commingle, disprove. astound, astonish, spring a surprise, shake up, stagger, amaze, puzzle, surprise, shock, stun, flash mob. defeat, overpower, addle, crush, win, dizzy, mystify, smash, knock out, overcome, thrash, feelings, clear. deepen, be beyond someone, discomfit, faze, discomfort, pain, be (as) clear as mud, defy, discountenance. affect, flummox, knowledge, stump, stick, beat, nonplus. correct. confound (noun)
bedevil, fox, mistake, throw, befuddle, confuse, discombobulate, fuddle.


complicate (verb)
snarl, perplex, complicate, involve, tangle, entangle.
confuse (verb)
blend, mix, commingle, perplex, puzzle, discountenance, surprise, mystify, mix up, astonish, astound, discombobulate, throw, nonplus, faze, jumble, discomfit, amaze.
derange (verb)
blur, dishevel, capsize, mix up, botch, roughen, mislay, misplace, clutter, churn, muddle, disorder, jumble, disorganize, muss, roil, disarrange, whisk, meddle, trouble, rumple, disturb, agitate, whip, swirl, hash, scatter, derange, dislocate, convulse, tousle, ferment, ruffle, perturb, tumble, displace, rummage, ripple, tamper, upset, scramble, mess, confuse, toss, discompose.

Other synonyms:

mystify, defy, faze. deepen, explode, puzzle, discomfit, discountenance. stump. dizzy. beat. amaze
throw, fuddle, addle, flummox, mix up, discombobulate.
Other relevant words:
discomfort, addle, bedevil, dizzy, amaze, mystify, commingle, defeat, overpower, defy, overcome, disabuse, shake up, shock, explode, affect, disprove, stump, flummox, befuddle, throw, mix, fox, blend, dispute, stick, discomfit, stagger, nonplus, discountenance, stun, discombobulate, astonish, astound, puzzle, mistake, faze, beat, crush, surprise, fuddle, deepen.

Usage examples for confound

  1. You must not confound the terms 'negative plate' with 'negative pole. – The Wonder Island Boys: Exploring the Island by Roger Thompson Finlay
  2. The old man- confound him! – Harvest by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  3. Then again, some one might easily have known the real Captain Ashington, and it would be a little difficult to describe Captain Phipps in such a way as to confound him with any one else. – The Spy in Black by J. Storer Clouston