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mature - 205 results
Other synonyms:

get along with, acid, anthropoid, marriageable, thoughtful, overripe, uprise, bed out, mellow, grow, farm, flavored, brackish, avant-garde, mellowed, adult, adulthood, age, full-blown, clear-headed, fiery, good, abstract, astringent, nubile, a, fully fledged, logical, wax and wane, full-grown, bitter, compost, mount up, feed, fester, ease off, board, originate, senesce, androgynous, arise, contrarian, mount, suppurate, pragmatic, efflorescent, camp, ripen, rise, majority, pick up, shape up, seasoned, chocolate, capital-intensive, headed, acquire, sensible, fledgling, produce, youth, improve, drill, fledgeling, overblown, derivative, accessible, aquatic, campy, cross-fertilize, amphibious, aesthetic, porny, bittersweet, rational, jump on, aged, artistic, bonsai, bond, double, get on with, X-rated, right, deadhead, grown, be on, grownup, man, dilate, pornographic, practical, debenture, supersize, kidult, coming of age, capital gains tax, come along, arbitrage, aerate, fully grown, perfected, captive, expand, best-of-breed, inflate, ready, turn, vaned, catch up, look up, considered, bestride, baroque, capital, artsy-craftsy, sharpen, blue chip, autumnal, advance, abloom, spring up, articulate, chocolatey, developed, jump, fledged, prime, change for the better/worse, annuity, consenting adult, climb on, big, caged, come a long way, matured, flowering, get, get along, balanced, arboreal, ripe, cross-pollinate, full-fledged, hop on, progress, ripened, grounded, advanced, recover, acidic, asexual, fruiting, come on, swell, realistic, get on, maturate, raise, outgrow.

Examples of usage:

However, after mature consideration and long debate, it was settled that I should, if possible, be mounted before starting, instead of trusting to chance beyond the border. - "Border and Bastille", George A. Lawrence.

Scrape away with your sea shells, but try also to give a few more and a few better chances in youth to those whom you now hunt as criminals in their mature years. - "Editorials-from-the-Hearst-Newspapers", Brisbane, Arthur.

Many a man in this day, long familiar with Christian teaching, has found himself made over again in mature life, when his heart has grasped Christ. - "The Expositor's Bible: Colossians and Philemon", Alexander Maclaren.

Similar words:

matured, matures, maturate, matte, mater, Mater Turrita, Dura Mater, magna mater.

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