Synonyms for Babyish:


acting like an infant (adjective)
childish, infantile, juvenile, puerile, immature.
young (adjective)


childlike, addictive, youth, badass, adaptive, born, classy, constitutionally, Clingy, infantile, Infantine, flawed, flexible, cherubic. developmental, early, development, girlhood, puerile, boyhood, juvenile, childhood, childish, adolescence. babyish (noun)

Other synonyms:

development, addictive, adaptive, boyhood, Infantine, classy, adolescence, cherubic, childhood, youth, flexible, developmental, girlhood, childish, flawed. childlike, puerile, born, infantile, constitutionally, Clingy, badass, early. Other relevant words:
classy, childhood, developmental, born, childish, badass, adolescence, adaptive, youth, flawed, infantile, puerile, boyhood, childlike, development, Infantine, juvenile, cherubic, girlhood, Clingy, addictive, flexible, early, constitutionally.

Usage examples for babyish

  1. It was then that a soft babyish voice reached his ear. – Baby Mine by Margaret Mayo
  2. You should have seen our dear Alexai Ivanovitch, blowing out his cheeks and blinking his little eyes, pronounce in his babyish voice, 'T- torch! – Virgin Soil by Ivan S. Turgenev
  3. That day was nearer to him now than was the minute in which he stood, and he could trace still the soft, babyish curves in the face which nestled so penitently on his arm. – The Ancient Law by Ellen Glasgow