Synonyms for Brackish:


somewhat salty (adjective)
salty, saline, briny.


hard, undrinkable, saline, dilute, salty, flowing, aerated, Chlorinated, rolling, soft, boiling. brackish (noun)
salt, briny.

Other synonyms:

rolling, boiling, soft, flowing, dilute, aerated, Chlorinated. hard. briny
salty, saline, briny.

Usage examples for brackish

  1. But thine imperial soul, As years and ruins roll To the same end, and all things and all dreams With the same wreck and roar Drift on the dim same shore, Still in the bitter foam and brackish streams Tracks the fresh water- spring to be And sudden sweeter fountains in the sea. – Poems & Ballads (First Series) by Algernon Charles Swinburne
  2. The plains extending southwards, however, contain, like those of the Euphrates, beds of gypsum in the sub- soil, which render the water running through them brackish and prevent the growth of vegetation. – History Of Egypt, Chaldæa, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria, Volume 6 (of 12) by G. Maspero
  3. But hark, a troop of new woe comes this way, Making the street to ring and the stones wet With cried despair and brackish agony. – Emblems Of Love by Lascelles Abercrombie