Synonyms for Aged:


aged (adjective)
geriatric, octogenarian, old, ripe, elderly, vintage, superannuated, ancient, durable, venerable, mature, matured.
all (adjective)
cured, older, elderly, senior.
antiquarian (adjective)
old (adjective)
antique, paleolithic, archaic, geriatric, primordial, primeval, worn, old, primitive, ancient, elderly, antiquated, antediluvian, venerable.
respected (adjective)


at, age bracket, contemporary, under, peer, age gap, age. mellow, youth. aged (noun)
of age, senior, older, preserved, worn, elderly, cured, mature, ripe, ripened, old.
group (noun)


aged (verb)
Lasted, mellowed, grew old, developed, seasoned, Endured, Deteriorated, grown old, Declined, ripened.

Other synonyms:

age bracket, antiquity, ancestor, age gap. age. peer. advanced, under. at. ripe
Other relevant words:
ageing, cured, ancient, senior, older, mellow, preserved, worn, of age, advanced, antiquity, age bracket, age, peer.

Usage examples for aged

  1. Nine years after, if he had not tasted human flesh, he was at liberty to swim back and resume his former shape, which had in the meantime become aged as though he had worn it for nine years. – The Book of Were-Wolves by Sabine Baring-Gould