Synonyms for Settled:


assured (adjective)
fixed, set, confirmed, definite.
bent (adjective)
chronic (adjective)
deep-rooted, constant, inveterate, ingrained, deep-seated, ineradicable.
controlled (adjective)
irrevocable (adjective)
located (adjective)
occupied (adjective)
restituted (adjective)
corrected, adjusted, Remedied, squared, rectified, Reimbursed, compensated, redressed, Returned, remunerated, offset, Atoned, refunded, Recompensed.
settled (adjective)
established, resolved, determined, ended.


finally (adverb)
for good.


invariable, constant, unchanging, unvarying, irreversible, whatever happens, for good, rigid. deep-rooted, continue, select, selective, selectively, beggars can't be choosers, probabilistic, ingrained, irradicable, entrenched, ineradicable, alternate, Hard-shell, handpicked, deep-seated, straight, confirmed, inveterate, chosen. enclosed, back-to-nature, fast, monastic, new age, inactive, bohemian, gracious, living, austere. cool, at ease, nonchalant, relaxed, easygoing, at one with, chilled, laid-back. decided (noun)
ended, resolved.
settled (noun)
colonised, determined, built-up, situated, prescribed, inhabited, preconcerted, colonized, effected, deterministic, accomplished, based, ordained, dictated, set, defined, decreed, calm, relocated, located, established, formed, nonnomadic, definite, appointed, firm, placed, resettled, at home.


compromised (verb)
conceded, appeased, mediated, Bargained, Compromised, Accommodated, compensated, reconciled, Allowed, adjusted.
descended (verb)
sunk, Descended, Toppled, come down, came down, dropped, Slid, plummeted, Declined, Sank, Slipped, fallen down, slumped, lowered, Tumbled, fell down, nose-dived, Plunged.
ordered (verb)
graded, sorted, arranged, harmonized, balanced, ranked, orchestrated, programmed, integrated, Collated, framed, Subordinated, fixed, placed, categorized, schematized, unified, structured, Rated, classified, maintained, formed, Righted, Scored, normalized, Devised, designed, Marshalled, systematized, unsnarled, Methodized, controlled, Sifted, composed, typed, Charted, established, Classed, separated, stratified, stabilized, planned, rationalized, grouped, pigeonholed, Screened, arrayed, cast, Schemed, regulated, ordered, scheduled, organized, shaped, prepared, plotted, set, supported.
paid (verb)
Deposited, Disbursed, Repaid, Doled, Remitted, paid, Rewarded, bankrolled, discharged.
recompensed (verb)
squared, refunded, offsetted, corrected, Recompensed, Remedied, remunerated, rectified, Returned, redressed, Atoned, Reimbursed.
rested (verb)
Paused, Subsided, Waited, Calmed, Vegetated, Slumbered, Stayed, marked time, Stilled, rested, becalmed, Stood, Stagnated, Slept, Tranquilized, settled down, Quieted.

Other synonyms:

deep-seated, handpicked, ineradicable, Hard-shell, irradicable, selective, deep-rooted, probabilistic, selectively, chosen. inveterate, select, entrenched, ingrained. confirmed. alternate. straight. determined
Other relevant words:
cool, inhabited, ineradicable, relocated, ended, probabilistic, ingrained, built-up, calm, straight, deep-rooted, determined, unvarying, definite, relaxed, constant, nonnomadic, enclosed, rigid, resolved, inveterate, entrenched, dictated, continue, irreversible, nonchalant, confirmed, defined, easygoing, handpicked, ordained, for good, alternate, decreed, based, accomplished, effected, deterministic, unchanging, living, deep-seated, inactive, situated, chilled, resettled, selectively, austere, appointed, Hard-shell, firm, gracious, located, chosen, select, selective, colonised, colonized, fast, prescribed, invariable, irradicable, bohemian, back-to-nature, monastic, preconcerted, laid-back.

Usage examples for settled

  1. " I would rather talk to you about it when it's settled one way or the other," he replied. – The Song of Songs by Hermann Sudermann
  2. There, that's all settled – Renée Mauperin by Edmond de Goncourt and Jules de Goncourt
  3. Oh, that will soon be settled – Cousin Betty by Honore de Balzac