Synonyms for Destroyed:


kaput (adjective)
kaput, totaled.
obliterated (adjective)
blotted out.
ruined (adjective)
obliterated, blasted, wrecked, demolished, Abolished, annihilated, sacked, blighted, Killed, Gutted, overwhelmed, Eradicated, ravaged, shattered, razed, totaled, devoured, lost, wasted, wiped out, Disintegrated, Incinerated, smashed, devastated, torn down, consumed, felled, ruined, broken.


destroyed (noun)
despoiled, spoilt, ruined, finished, desolate, burnt, lost, kaput, impoverished, raped, burned-out, blighted, dismantled, broken, obliterated, war-worn, wrecked, burnt-out, wiped out, obliterate, demolished, done for, desolated, exterminated, devastated, extinguished, pillaged, ravaged, sacked, scorched, burned, blasted, war-torn, tattered, blotted out, annihilated, shattered, fallen, wasted, totaled, gone, razed.
ruined (noun)
overwhelmed, gone by the board, Killed, upset, gone to pieces, withered, submerged, devoured, burned up, dead, overrun, Incinerated, engulfed, put to an end, mown down, Gutted, felled, burned down, consumed, done away with, reduced to ashes, overturned, in ruins.


annulled (verb)
repudiated, dissolved, Undid, invalidated, nullified, obliterated, retracted, Revoked, Canceled, negated, withdrawn, rejected, divorced, Eradicated, Annulled, Disavowed, Refuted, extinguished, neutralized, Effaced, Eliminated, Abnegated, undone, Abolished, dismissed, Deleted, disaffirmed, Withdrew, Disclaimed, Vetoed, Denied.
destroyed (verb)
atomized, Disintegrated, razed, Decimated, demolished, Bulldozed, devastated, dismantled, exterminated, desolated, Extirpated, tore down, flattened, mowed down, annihilated, knocked down, wrecked, pulverized, ripped to shreds, smashed, Leveled, torn down, vaporized, laid waste.

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Other relevant words:
despoiled, impoverished, broken, ruined, dead, finished, war-torn, in ruins, tattered, blighted, Killed, fallen, done for, blotted out, burned, pillaged, desolate, lost, consumed, kaput, spoilt, war-worn, shattered, overturned, overwhelmed, devoured, burnt-out, burned-out, wasted, gone, blasted, sacked, burnt, scorched, raped, ravaged, obliterate, wiped out, totaled.

Usage examples for destroyed

  1. You have yourself destroyed that hope by what you said and did when we were together in the parlor. – The Two Destinies by Wilkie Collins
  2. " Not until the evidence is destroyed Rick thought. – The Egyptian Cat Mystery by Harold Leland Goodwin
  3. Destroyed him, admitted Shiela, in one way or another, dear. – The Firing Line by Robert W. Chambers