Synonyms for Undone:


distraught (adjective)
upset, troubled, disturbed, agitated.
incomplete (adjective)
missing, incomplete, insufficient, lacking, deficient, sectional, segmental, unachieved, embryonic, unfinished, scanty, unsatisfactory, patchy, discontinuous, immature, Curtailed, unfulfilled, fragmentary, Unaccomplished, unattained, short, partial, fractional.
loose (adjective)
not done (adjective)
unfinished, incomplete, Unaccomplished.
not fastened (adjective)
ruined (adjective)
washed-up, sunk, done for, destroyed.


blue-ribbon, adrift, behind, rival, nip and tuck, winning, prize-winning, winningest, award-winning. light touch, superficial, abortive, pending, outstanding, sketchy. slack, wobbly, loose, free-floating, lax, unsupported, unsecured, free. distraught (noun)
upset, troubled, disturbed, agitated.
ruined (noun)
undone (noun)
sunk, unsuccessful, disorganised, unfastened, done for, washed-up, unfinished, ruined, disorganized, unstuck.
unfinished (noun)


annulled (verb)
dismissed, Abnegated, Disclaimed, divorced, Effaced, Undid, Eliminated, repudiated, Deleted, obliterated, Disavowed, Eradicated, nullified, Refuted, extinguished, negated, Withdrew, disaffirmed, Vetoed, Revoked, invalidated, rejected, withdrawn, neutralized, dissolved, destroyed, Abolished, Canceled, Annulled, retracted, Denied.
opened (verb)
released, unplugged, bared, revealed, exposed, uncorked, unlocked, opened, disclosed, unsealed.

Other synonyms:

light touch, prize-winning, blue-ribbon, winningest, behind, nip and tuck, rival, award-winning. winning, unsecured, sketchy, lax. pending, adrift, free-floating, unsupported, outstanding. wobbly, superficial. slack. free. ruined
Other relevant words:
troubled, done for, winningest, pending, prize-winning, left, unsuccessful, adrift, sketchy, agitated, loose, ruined, unstuck, disorganised, disorganized, light touch, unfastened, unsupported, upset, free-floating, free, washed-up, sunk, disturbed, award-winning.

Usage examples for undone

  1. Nothing that Kate desired about the arrangements had been left undone – Marcia Schuyler by Grace Livingston Hill Lutz
  2. You're like the feller in Scriptur', you leave undone the things you ought to do and do them that- All right, Jim! – The Depot Master by Joseph C. Lincoln
  3. All the work of the last few months seemed suddenly undone to go for nothing. – The Judgment House by Gilbert Parker