Synonyms for Trimmed:


all (adjective)
diminished (adjective)
dropped, cut, deflated, Leached, clipped, drained, concentrated, contracted, abridged, Bobbed, shortened, Dwindled, docked, sheared, lowered, lessened, eroded, decremented, compressed, decreased, depleted, shrunken, Curtailed, tapered, mowed, truncated, Nipped, diminished, downgraded, Receded, condensed, cropped, reduced, Compacted, Pared, removed, pruned, shaved, deducted, Lightened, abbreviated, weeded.
reduced (adjective)
removed, Nipped, Elided, eroded, decreased, deducted, cropped, shaved, lowered, Bobbed, compressed, mowed, Depreciated, Pared, subtracted, Snubbed, bated, Deleted, abridged, docked, lessened, Curtailed, deflated, weeded, cut, Discounted, sheared, drained, abbreviated, contracted, diminished, pruned, reduced, shortened, clipped.


beautified (verb)
prettified, bedecked, embellished, adorned, Beautified, decorated, Graced, Enriched, dignified.
cheapened (verb)
devalued, degraded, devaluated, slashed, marked down, Cheapened, debased, belittled.
diminished (verb)
minimized, Culled, shrunk, Shrank.
ornamented (verb)
gilded, garnished, bedizened, ornamented, Festooned, Emblazoned, dandified, crowned.
subtracted (verb)
lowered, cropped, sheared, deducted, decreased, lessened, cut, Bobbed, shaved, pruned, Curtailed, Deleted, clipped, Depreciated, weeded, docked, reduced, Pared, subtracted, Elided, abridged, diminished, Discounted.

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Usage examples for trimmed

  1. Everything was trimmed with pink ribbon. – Just Patty by Jean Webster
  2. She had on a light, elegant dress of a pale cream colour trimmed with lace, and in her hand she had the old familiar parasol. – The Darling and Other Stories by Anton Chekhov
  3. Now it happened that a hungry fox came by that way and, seeing how well- fed and well- trimmed the horse was, stopped a while to admire him. – Hero Tales and Legends of the Serbians by Woislav M. Petrovitch