Synonyms for Promised:


bound (adjective)
guaranteed (adjective)
ensured, warranted, assured, secured, Countersigned, vouched-for, pledged, bonded, safeguarded, affirmed, certified, guaranteed, insured.
intended (adjective)
pledged (adjective)
sworn, Underwritten, assured, guaranteed, professed, Consented, Stipulated, warranted, subscribed, Vowed, Covenanted, affirmed, Asseverated, insured, Undertaken, agreed, ensured, Plighted.
promised (adjective)
guaranteed, Consented, sworn-to, pledged, assured, Stipulated, agreed.


pledged (noun)
Undertaken, Covenanted, subscribed, Underwritten, Plighted, as agreed upon, Asseverated.
promised (noun)


affirmed (verb)
corroborated, attested, proclaimed, Avouched, assured, asserted, Submitted, expressed, sustained, set down, Testified, verified, pronounced, warranted, Contended, declared, validated, ratified, certified, Propounded, maintained, acknowledged, Adjured, supported, stated, Averred, Claimed, admitted, professed.
agreed (verb)
pledged, agreed, accepted, empathized, approved, endorsed, Stipulated, Consented, Acceded, sanctioned, contracted, Acquiesced, Capitulated, Concurred, blessed, welcomed, Conformed, Assented, affirmed, Cooperated.
guaranteed (verb)
promised (verb)
sworn, Swore, Vowed.

Other synonyms:

set in motion
Other relevant words:
Plighted, Underwritten, secure, Undertaken, Asseverated, Covenanted, subscribed.

Usage examples for promised

  1. " I'll try it a little later," Tony promised – The Wailing Octopus by Harold Leland Goodwin
  2. This the people promised that they would do. – Genghis Khan, Makers of History Series by Jacob Abbott