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homeless - 57 results
desolate (adjective)

friendless, wandering, derelict, itinerant, abandoned, beyond the pale, vagrant, unwelcome, disinherited, houseless, outcast, estranged, left to shift for oneself, vagabond, exiled, unplaced, unhoused, without a country, having no home, unestablished, banished, displaced, uncared-for, outside the gates, forsaken.

Other synonyms:

flotsam, street people, bum, gypsy, unsettled, homeless person, stateless, bag lady, unfortunate, dispossessed, roofless, hobo.

Examples of usage:

The people were for the large part still homeless. - "The Shepherd of the North", Richard Aumerle Maher.

Yes, I will go to America, In the primeval forests, with the children of nature, there will be a home for the exile, the homeless one. - "Marie Antoinette And Her Son", Louise Muhlbach Official.

He did not like Scotland, and was as homeless as a wealthy young peer with several estates could well be. - "Dora Thorne", Charlotte M. Braeme.

Similar words:

homeless person, homeliness, homeland, homelike, hombres.

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