Synonyms for Shared:


co-operative (adjective)
collusive, co-operative, mutual, co-operating, co-active, collaborative, bilateral, coefficient, collective, common.
given (adjective)
sent, pledged, endowed, donated, granted, Tendered, Disbursed, paid, presented, Submitted, rationed, Awarded, Ascribed, dispensed, furnished, Served, given, Bequeathed, Consigned, Delivered, Lavished, lent, Doled, Provided, allotted, Rendered, Attributed, Allowed, Contributed, Showered, expended, Supplied, assigned, Offered, bestowed, Imparted.
joint (adjective)
mutual, common.
participatory (adjective)
co-operative, participatory.
portioned (adjective)
Dismembered, divided, compartmented, Pieced, subdivided, fraction, Portioned, cut, half, segmented, allotted, measured, sliced, apportioned, partitioned, split, rationed, Zoned, budgeted, Parceled.


shared (noun)
mutual, divided up, common, shared out, divided, distributed.


allotted (verb)
rationed, set, assigned, distributed, Gave, Dealt, partitioned, Earmarked, cut, given, apportioned, segmented, Parceled, allotted, budgeted, Meted, divided, dispensed, Portioned, sliced, measured, Allowed, allocated, split.
co-operated (verb)
traded, banded, affiliated, interwoven, united, collaborated, allied, Participated, co-operated, interlaced, Colluded, meshed, Reciprocated, Concurred, intertwined, Dovetailed, Confederated, overlapped, intermeshed, Pooled, associated, Interwove.
gave (verb)
sent, Attributed, endowed, Bequeathed, extended, granted, Imparted, paid, assisted, Served, Tendered, Delivered, furnished, Awarded, donated, pledged, funded, Lavished, devoted, presented, Ascribed, Showered, Supplied, Helped, Offered, Provided, Submitted, expended, Contributed, bestowed, Doled, Disbursed, Consigned, Rendered, lent.
participated (verb)
Partook, joined, Partaken, Entered.
portioned (verb)
Halved, chunked, compartmentalized.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
shared out, divided up.

Usage examples for shared

  1. A half- share in a thing is worth more than one- sixth, Scarterfield- and a secret of one is far more valuable than a secret shared with three. – Ravensdene Court by J. S. (Joseph Smith) Fletcher
  2. All at once, he felt certain they shared Old Michael's information. – The Plow-Woman by Eleanor Gates