Synonyms for Receipts:


gate, take. account (noun)
docket, asset, slate, balance, reckoning, Cashbook, schedule, account, balance sheet, ledger, budget, profit and loss, general ledger, register, inventory, total, books, journal, invoice, roll.
accounts (noun)
Schedules, accounts, general ledgers, ledgers, assets, Inventories, rolls, registers, balance sheets, totals, slates, dockets, profits and losses, Journals, Budgets, balances, cash books, invoices.
money (noun)
dollar, coinage, change, loot, coupon, scratch, spending money, greenback, wealth, funds, bank note, gross, stock, bullion, capital, purse, dough, sterling, pounds, profit, issue, lucre, bond, wad, pocket money, fortune, swag, ways and means, note, gold, wallet, draft, wampum, silver, income, ingot, treasure, iou, money, cash, proceeds, nugget, currency, net worth, moolah, wherewithal, bankroll, bill, worth, copper, money order, petty cash, check, promissory note.
money earned in business venture (noun)
take, proceeds, gate, revenue, profit, income, gross, earnings.
monies (noun)
fortunes, stocks, coinages, cashes, wallets, promissory notes, Incomes, bonds, dollars, Currencies, greenbacks, drafts, IOUs, wads, monies, purses, bank notes, notes, bills, coupons, treasures, swags, checks, issues, money orders, bankrolls, coppers, nuggets, ingots, profits.
possession (noun)
gross, revenue.
receipts (noun)
gross, earnings, wages, grosses, gates, Remunerations, Salaries, revenues, dividends, nets, compensations, Endowments, returns, credits, revenue.
take (noun)

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Other relevant words:
gate, take, revenue.

Usage examples for receipts

  1. Here are the compress receipts – The Desert Fiddler by William H. Hamby
  2. The net receipts from liquors and from drugs other than opium ... – The Opium Monopoly by Ellen Newbold La Motte