Synonyms for Constancy:


continuation, preservation, survival, longevity. continue, obligation, loyalty, allegiance, faithfulness, fidelity, fealty. attribute (noun)
constancy (noun)
determination (noun)
doggedness, resolution, determination.
durability (noun)
fixedness (noun)
eagerness, determination, love, fealty, stability, fidelity, integrity, uniformity, steadfastness, attachment, firmness, devotion, abidingness, earnestness, trustworthiness, resolution, principle, adherence, allegiance, zeal, certainty, doggedness, regularity, permanence, faith, ardor, steadiness, loyalty, endurance, honesty, honor.
frequency (noun)
recurrence, periodicity.
loyalty (noun)
esprit de corps, tribalism, regionalism, sisterhood.
permanence (noun)
lastingness, fixedness, permanence, everlastingness, abidingness, perpetuity, persistency, immutability, endurance.
perpetuity (noun)
forever, endlessness, immortality, continuousness, interminability, infinity, time immemorial, eternity, ceaselessness.
perseverance (noun)
immovability, determination.
progression (noun)
regularity (noun)
predominance, custom, frequency, rhythm, normality, periodicity, conventionality, standard, universality, routine, recurrence, tradition, orthodoxy.
reliability (noun)
stability (noun)
immovability, durability, invariableness, continuity, steadfastness, solidness, stability, firmness, changelessness.
uniformity (noun)
invariability, homogeneity, monotony, conformity, alikeness, consistency, likeness, evenness, consonance, regularity, steadiness, sameness, seamlessness, conformance, uniformity.

Other synonyms:

longevity, survival, fidelity. allegiance, faithfulness, fealty, determination. continuation. preservation. allegiance
loyalty, devotion.
esprit de corps, tribalism, regionalism, sisterhood.

Usage examples for constancy

  1. The door- keeper's faith in the constancy of public men was rudely shaken a few minutes later, when the messenger returned with orders that the lady was to be admitted at once. – Revenge! by by Robert Barr
  2. This healthy resolution once formed was adhered to with a constancy that belonged to the girl's character. – Foul Play by Charles Reade Dion Boucicault
  3. The information it contains was furnished by persons intimately acquainted with the facts, and is very valuable as proving the genuineness and constancy of native Christian piety. – Life and Work in Benares and Kumaon, 1839-1877 by James Kennedy