Synonyms for Durable:


aged (adjective)
elderly, matured, mature, aged, vintage, ancient, venerable, octogenarian, superannuated, old, ripe, geriatric.
all (adjective)
long-lived, lasting, long-lasting.
continuing (adjective)
long-lived, perdurable.
durable (adjective)
lifetime, prolonged, everlasting, interminable, long, eternal, lasting, perennial, incessant, enduring, lifelong, livelong, perpetual, lengthy, long-life.
enduring (adjective)
stable (adjective)
persistent, solid as a rock, constant, firm, solid, consistent, immovable, steadfast, continuous, changeless, permanent, set, steady, invariable, stable.
strong (adjective)
sturdy, long-lasting (adjective)
firm, persistent, stable, strong, constant, lasting, perdurable, impervious, enduring, tough, permanent.


never-ending, on and on, for some time, long-term, extended. continuing, solid as a rock, robust, sturdy, long-standing, irresistible, heavy-duty, stubborn, continue. durable (noun)
imperishable, undestroyable, lasting, long-lived, long, perdurable, indestructible, long-lasting, serviceable, long-wearing.


enduring (verb)
tough, impervious, strong.

Other synonyms:

long-standing, irresistible, sturdy. strong, continuing, heavy-duty. stubborn. robust. tough. indestructible
Other relevant words:
perdurable, long-term, long-wearing, tough, heavy-duty, indestructible, robust, long-standing, long-lived, stubborn, continuing, irresistible, undestroyable, impervious, continue, long-lasting, extended, sturdy, imperishable, never-ending, strong, serviceable.

Usage examples for durable

  1. Hence the deep, smothered hatred which broke out everywhere with such ugly unanimity in the insurrection of 1830 and destroyed the elements of a durable social system in France. – Two Poets Lost Illusions Part I by Honore de Balzac
  2. You will form some idea of the waste of intelligence and energy on this occasion, when I add that it was found, by actual observation, that this artificial portion of the earth was thicker, stronger, and more likely to be durable than the natural. – The Monikins by J. Fenimore Cooper
  3. The Italian government is erecting to its glory a monument more durable than brass. – Old Calabria by Norman Douglas