Synonyms for Beaten:


defeated (adjective)
disappointed, humbled, undone, overthrown, surmounted, overpowered, worsted, subjugated, routed, overwhelmed, ruined, overcome, bested, crushed, Whipped, mastered, conquered, vanquished, Trounced.
disappointed (adjective)
forged (adjective)
stamped, rolled.
mixed (adjective)
Whipped, frothy, foamy.


metallic, metallurgical, Galvanized, white-hot, malleable, burnished. soft, ductile, stamped, rolled. mixed, frothy, foamy. HIT, hurt. beaten (noun)
overcome, conquered, overthrown, defeated, vanquished, Familiar, maltreated, mistreated, abused, overwhelmed, routed, ill-treated, battered.


defeated (verb)
overturned, surmounted, Whipped, crushed, Triumphed, humbled, overpowered, Captured, subdued, routed, beat, Predominated, vanquished, overcome, Trounced, defeated, done for, mastered, overthrown, Outdid, foiled, Overthrew, conquered, Checkmated, outplayed, outdone, won, Trumped, Overcame, Subjected, quelled.
excelled (verb)
capped, Exceeded, Excelled, bested, Transcended, outperformed, Eclipsed, Overshadowed, Surpassed, outclassed, Outstripped.

Other synonyms:

Galvanized, ductile. white-hot, metallic, malleable. beaten
Other relevant words:
stamped, white-hot, washed-up, Familiar, done in, foamy, maltreated, ductile, battered, mistreated, ill-treated, undone, rolled, Galvanized, abused, frothy, malleable, done for, disappointed, ruined, subjugated, HIT, overwhelmed, worsted.

Usage examples for beaten

  1. " I wish he would get beaten after all," thought John; " but I don't know who there is to do it. – Andy Grant's Pluck by Horatio Alger
  2. I'll have to go on till I'm beaten – A Damaged Reputation by Harold Bindloss
  3. He had a strong, weather- beaten face, and wide- open light eyes, blue and wild as the sea. – Explorers of the Dawn by Mazo de la Roche