Synonyms for Lessened:


decreased (adjective)
depleted, abbreviated, compressed, shrunk, concentrated, eroded, Curtailed, deflated, Receded, shortened, diminished, Abated, decreased, Compacted, drained, lower, abridged, decremented, truncated, contracted.
diminished (adjective)
cropped, abridged, trimmed, Pared, compressed, depleted, Dwindled, dropped, eroded, Lightened, clipped, decreased, abbreviated, shaved, contracted, condensed, shrunken, Nipped, truncated, deflated, lowered, docked, Bobbed, drained, cut, downgraded, Compacted, tapered, Curtailed, concentrated, Leached, removed, sheared, diminished, pruned, weeded, Receded, decremented, shortened, deducted, reduced, mowed.
lower (adjective)
reduced (adjective)
clipped, shaved, cut, pruned, Pared, abridged, mowed, Depreciated, Nipped, lowered, deflated, decreased, Bobbed, Deleted, abbreviated, cropped, Curtailed, weeded, docked, eroded, compressed, bated, removed, Elided, Discounted, reduced, sheared, diminished, trimmed, drained, shortened, deducted, Snubbed, contracted, subtracted.


lessened (noun)
impaired, weakened, diminished, vitiated, mitigated.


alleviated (verb)
relieved, Allayed, eased, Assuaged, mitigated, Soothed, Palliated, alleviated, moderated.
decreased (verb)
Shrank, died down, deducted, lowered, Subsided, Dwindled.
detracted (verb)
abraded, Defamed, maligned, Derogated, Disparaged, cast aspersion, Detracted, Decried.
diminished (verb)
minimized, Culled.
lessened (verb)
lightened (verb)
subtracted (verb)
diminished, weeded, reduced, cropped, Discounted, subtracted, Elided, Curtailed, trimmed, pruned, cut, Bobbed, Deleted, sheared, Pared, docked, clipped, shaved, Depreciated, decreased, lowered, abridged, deducted.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
weakened, impaired, vitiated.

Usage examples for lessened

  1. Fanny answered, " Madam, I have always entertained the highest respect for your son, but I must confess it is lessened if it is with his knowledge you are speaking to me." – Tempest and Sunshine by Mary J. Holmes
  2. Finding that they suffered nothing, their fear gradually lessened and as Mbopo grasped the hand of Burt there was a look of joy in the honest eyes of the young dwarf that told far more than any words could have done. – The Blind Lion of the Congo by Elliott Whitney
  3. East and west of the fault the movements lessened with increasing distance from it. – The Elements of Geology by William Harmon Norton