Synonyms for Maximum:


extreme (adjective)
uttermost, extreme, maximal.
highest, utmost (adjective)
largest, best, topmost, ultimate, most, supreme, greatest, top, outside, paramount, maximal.
limiting (adjective)
constraining, bounding, extreme, zenith, restricting, Terminating, confining, edge, utmost, Restraining, limiting.
summit (adjective)
pinnacle, Capping, summit, zenith, acme, top, uppermost, loftiest, tip, highest, apex, Culminating, extreme, topmost, peak, Headmost, crowning.
superior (adjective)
choice, most, controlling, A 1, consummate, zenith, ruling, Headmost, signal, predominant, paramount, master, foremost, furthest, champion, best, ascendant, senior, dominant, elite, furthermost, eminent, uppermost, better, sovereign, above, superior, king, commanding, crowning, supreme, chosen, chief, quintessential, leading.
top (adjective)
foremost, loftiest, superior, uppermost, highest, best, greatest, most, top.


the many, predominance, majority, generality, at-large, preponderance, balance. ultimate, high, limited. ceiling. limit (noun)
boundary, extremity, terminus, apex, end, fringe, border, limit, brink, restriction, deadline, bounds, confines, edge, limitation, rim, acme, cutoff.
maximum (noun)
largest, top, highest, utmost, peak, outside, upper limit, greatest, level best, supreme, uttermost, maximal.
quantity (noun)
upper limit.
summit (noun)
climax, uppermost point, culmination, topmost point, crest, cap, brow, crown, highest point.
upper limit, greatest amount (noun)
climax, summit, ceiling, uttermost, peak, extremity, utmost, apex, crest, pinnacle, zenith, culmination.

Other synonyms:

preponderance. ceiling, predominance. generality, majority. ultimate. balance.

Usage examples for maximum

  1. Once more things melted together- the beauty and the history and the facility and the splendid midsummer glow: it was a sort of magnificent maximum the pink dawn of an apotheosis, coming so curiously soon. – The Wings of the Dove, Volume 1 of 2 by Henry James
  2. It has been found that maximum production may be attained when and only when the production is carried on in conformity with certain psychological laws, roughly determined by the analysis of human nature. – Manhood of Humanity. by Alfred Korzybski
  3. I trust we shall prove to have found the way to get the maximum of pleasure out of Admiral Chester's gift. – The Pillars of the House, V1 by Charlotte M. Yonge