Synonyms for Shortened:


all (adjective)
sawed-off, sawn-off.
decreased (adjective)
contracted, diminished, Receded, depleted, abridged, compressed, drained, lower, abbreviated, decremented, decreased, shrunk, Compacted, Abated, concentrated, truncated, Curtailed, eroded, deflated, lessened.
diminished (adjective)
sheared, Lightened, abridged, diminished, shaved, tapered, abbreviated, drained, Nipped, weeded, Compacted, downgraded, trimmed, Leached, docked, removed, lessened, cropped, condensed, cut, Pared, reduced, lowered, deducted, shrunken, mowed, clipped, truncated, dropped, Bobbed, concentrated, deflated, pruned, Curtailed, Receded, Dwindled, compressed, decreased, eroded, decremented, depleted, contracted.
reduced (adjective)
Snubbed, lowered, sheared, abridged, cropped, decreased, Bobbed, mowed, cut, diminished, eroded, reduced, deflated, Depreciated, Deleted, weeded, Curtailed, pruned, Discounted, Nipped, Elided, lessened, removed, abbreviated, trimmed, Pared, clipped, contracted, shaved, docked, drained, compressed, subtracted, deducted, bated.
short (adjective)


shortened (noun)
abridged, sawed-off, short, telescoped, cut, sawn-off, abbreviated, truncated.


curtailed (verb)
fragmented, discontinued, minimized, reduced.
decreased (verb)
Shrank, Dwindled, deducted, died down, Subsided, lowered.
diminished (verb)
lowered (verb)
depressed, deepened, submerged, Plunged.
shortened (verb)

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
sawn-off, sawed-off, short, telescoped.

Usage examples for shortened

  1. Glancing back a little later he noted with a quickening pulse that the distance had been shortened by several hundred feet, and that the black seemed to be traveling with as little effort as ever. – 'Firebrand' Trevison by Charles Alden Seltzer
  2. Sail was accordingly shortened the result proving the justice of Captain Leicester's surmise, for there was no perceptible diminution in the speed of the barque; on the contrary, in another half- hour both the skipper and his second mate were convinced that the Aurora was gradually creeping away from her pursuer. – The Voyage of the Aurora by Harry Collingwood