Synonyms for Bobbed:


clipped (adjective)
cut, cropped, shortened, coiffed, trimmed.
diminished (adjective)
decreased, depleted, cut, docked, concentrated, mowed, tapered, decremented, lessened, compressed, Receded, abridged, Leached, shrunken, Dwindled, pruned, reduced, Pared, weeded, drained, removed, contracted, trimmed, dropped, deflated, deducted, shortened, Compacted, cropped, eroded, Curtailed, lowered, sheared, abbreviated, condensed, Lightened, downgraded, truncated, clipped, diminished, Nipped, shaved.
reduced (adjective)
abbreviated, Curtailed, mowed, shaved, sheared, Nipped, subtracted, lessened, pruned, cropped, lowered, contracted, decreased, bated, compressed, clipped, reduced, Snubbed, cut, Elided, abridged, deflated, Pared, docked, Discounted, diminished, deducted, trimmed, weeded, Deleted, eroded, drained, removed, Depreciated, shortened.


bob, chignon, coiffed, beehive, close, afro, bangs, bun, buzz cut, braid.


diminished (verb)
shrunk, minimized, Shrank, Culled.
hung (verb)
hung, Drooped, draggled, Trailed, Nodded, Sagged, Lolled, draped, Hanged, Dangled, Swung.
oscillated (verb)
Oscillated, Pulsated, Radiated, pulsed, Vacillated, Staggered, Wagged, Alternated, seesawed, Rocked, Swayed, beat, Ticked, teeter-tottered, vibrated, Throbbed, Fluctuated, wobbled, Trembled, Undulated, Tottered.
subtracted (verb)
deducted, shaved, clipped, docked, Elided, diminished, reduced, Depreciated, pruned, Deleted, trimmed, decreased, Curtailed, sheared, lessened, cropped, cut, abridged, Discounted, lowered, subtracted, Pared, weeded.

Other synonyms:

buzz cut, afro, braid, beehive, bangs, bob, chignon, bun. close. Other relevant words:
chignon, bun, afro, coiffed, beehive, bob.

Usage examples for Bobbed

  1. First, in very desperation, she had colored her graying mouse- tinted hair a glowing red; and then, as a last resort, had heroically, but with mistaken art, bobbed it. – Apron-Strings by Eleanor Gates
  2. At the sight of the girl the woman bobbed a curtsy. – Salute to Adventurers by John Buchan
  3. Without more ado she bobbed a curtsy, crept from the chapel, closed the door, and way- to- go back to her cottage. – News from the Duchy by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch