Synonyms for Aesthetic:


all (adjective)
artistic, esthetic.
artistic (adjective)
elegant, masterful, aesthetically pleasing, appreciative, expert, tasteful, artistic, accomplished, skillful, beautiful, talented, sublime, gifted, poetic, graceful, proficient, creative.
beautiful (adjective)
esthetic, artistic, creative.
pert (adjective)
tasteful (adjective)
choice, classic, cultivated, artistic, tasteful, elegant, graceful, delicate, refined, charming, discriminating.


accessible, baroque, avant-garde, camp, campy, abstract, artsy-craftsy. agriculture, architecture, aesthetics, style, ancient history, tasty, agronomy, applied linguistics, archeology, Anthropology, acoustics, archaeology. appealing, delightful, captivating, eye-catching, nice-looking, adorable, beguiling. legend, homage, effect, format, cherub, flavor, commission, draftsmanship, composition. grace, beauty, purity, glory, pulchritude, majesty, splendor, melody. aesthetic (noun)
beautiful, in good taste, artistic, painterly, enhancive, pleasing, cosmetic, tasteful, esthetical, sensuous, aesthetical, esthetic.
cognition (noun)

Other synonyms:

splendor, purity, draftsmanship, pulchritude, artsy-craftsy, majesty, beauty, composition, campy. abstract, accessible, flavor, legend, melody, cherub. effect, grace, tasty, camp, homage. glory, commission, format. Other relevant words:
effect, abstract, aesthetically pleasing, aesthetical, accessible, in good taste, pleasing, cosmetic, esthetical, painterly, pulchritude, camp, esthetic, aesthetics, splendor, enhancive, appreciative, sensuous, artsy-craftsy, tasty.

Usage examples for aesthetic

  1. On beholding Don Luis one could not but confess that Pepita Ximenez was aesthetic by instinct. – Pepita Ximenez by Juan Valera
  2. There is a lingering notion in matters religious that something is lost by refinement- at least, that there is danger that the plain, blunt, essential truths will be lost in aesthetic graces. – The Complete Essays of C. D. Warner by Charles Dudley Warner
  3. In this change there is reflected a change in man's aesthetic view of the world, itself connected with a change in his moral apprehension of life. – Nature Mysticism by J. Edward Mercer