Synonyms for Majesty:


purity, beauty, aesthetic, melody, pulchritude. power, supremacy. sire, queen, king, eminence, lord, emperor, title, prince. splendor, grandeur, glory, grandiosity, praise. attribute (noun)
loftiness, stateliness.
grandeur (noun)
Illustriousness, greatness, grandeur, nobility, stateliness.
majesty (noun)
loftiness, stateliness.
monarch (noun)
nobility (noun)
dignity, Regality, Queenliness, greatness, grandness, courtliness, Augustness, imperialness, Knightliness, stature, heroicalness, sovereignty, stateliness, distinction, Princeliness, lordliness, aristocracy, nobility, Kingliness.
royalty (noun)
the power of a ruler (noun)
sovereignty, power, supremacy.

Other synonyms:

purity, grandiosity, beauty, king, pulchritude. melody, splendor. aesthetic. splendor
glory, grandeur.
Other relevant words:
grandiosity, sire, pulchritude, eminence, lord, splendor, glory, beauty, power, supremacy, Illustriousness, king, queen, grandeur, prince, emperor, loftiness.

Usage examples for majesty

  1. Love, being the greatest Majesty is the Power of all Powers, from whence they severally operate. – Dialogues on the Supersensual Life by Jacob Behmen
  2. Without doubt, when his Most Christian Majesty will triumph as he has done before. – In the Day of Adversity by John Bloundelle-Burton
  3. It's important, your majesty – Man to Man by Jackson Gregory