Synonyms for Stature:


the roof of the world, eye level, level, the stratosphere, ground level. merit, self-respect, status, worth, street cred, value, good, stock, cred, virtue, caliber, self-respecting, quality, self-worth, pride. attribute (noun)
authority (noun)
empowerment, control, clout, primacy, potency, influence, sway, office, commission, mightiness, mandate, birthright, force, seniority, rank, steam, precedence, prerogative, punch, cogency, right, powerfulness, privilege, Prepotency, power, prestige, authority, entitlement, purview, superiority, domination, kingship, charge, command, mastery, credential, might, puissance, faculty, title, license, enfranchisement, strength.
character (noun)
personality, peculiarity, individuality, character, temperament, kind, class, nature, disposition, reputation, standing, repute, description.
development (noun)
growth, study at height, size.
height (noun)
importance (noun)
standing, size, prestige, caliber, worth, quality, dignity, rank, merit, status, virtue, value, growth.
nobility (noun)
grandness, aristocracy, sovereignty, lordliness, heroicalness, Queenliness, Kingliness, greatness, Princeliness, imperialness, stateliness, courtliness, majesty, dignity, nobility, distinction, Augustness, Knightliness, Regality.
rank (noun)
primacy, status.
reputation (noun)
stature (noun)

Other synonyms:

self-respect, street cred, ground level, self-respecting, self-worth, cred, eye level. caliber, the stratosphere. merit, worth. pride, quality. value. level. virtue. stock. magnitude
Other relevant words:
height, level, virtue, quality, value, status, stock, caliber, size, self-worth, merit, growth, good, self-respecting, pride, self-respect, cred, worth.

Usage examples for stature

  1. James, you have not the stature nor the voice to fight them off. – The Fourth R by George Oliver Smith