Synonyms for Pretty:


attractive (adjective)
fetching, handsome, charming, pleasing, lovely, elegant, graceful, cheerful, good-looking, comely, fair, pulchritudinous, pleasant, taking, beautiful, ravishing.
beautiful (adjective)
flowerlike, lovely, handsome, good-looking, quaint, charming, gorgeous, sublime, superb, bonny, becoming, stunning, refined, enchanting, ornamental, sightly, radiant, eye-filling, exquisite, resplendent, comely, glamorous, graceful, pulchritudinous, picturesque, attractive, splendid, belle, fair, dazzling, beautiful, elegant, shapely, pleasing, polished, finished.
beautifying (adjective)
flattering (adjective)
ornamental (adjective)
gingerbread, gaudy, decorative, fancy, ornamental, Enriching, Adorning, Garnishing, crowning, picturesque, Dandifying, quaint.
pleasant (adjective)
pleasant, cheerful.


considerable; somewhat (adverb)
notable, quite, large, rather, a little, much, ample.
extremely (adverb)
rather (adverb)


moderately (adverb)
a little.
rather (adverb)
a bit.


dashing, lovable, telegenic, personable. successful, immensely, deeply, very, thoroughly, particularly, prospering, greatly, well, study at beautiful, really, indeed, a lot, thriving. like, winsome, taking, vaguely, partly, sweet, engaging, quite, enticing, tempting, mildly, a bit, fascinating, prepossessing, a little, winning, fetching. prettily, panoramic, picture postcard, unspoiled, uninterrupted, favored, Favoured, pulchritudinous, ravishing. rather, big, not come cheap, cost an arm and a leg, cost/pay the earth. considerable (noun)
large, ample, sizeable, much, notable.
somewhat (noun)

Other synonyms:

lovable, enticing, prettily, personable, unspoiled, pulchritudinous, partly, telegenic, ravishing, panoramic. picture postcard, mildly, fascinating, fetching, prepossessing, uninterrupted, taking, winsome, dashing, quite, tempting, rather. favored, winning, vaguely. engaging.

Usage examples for pretty

  1. Not a bit pretty just beautiful. – The Brother of Daphne by Dornford Yates
  2. And she is so very pretty – The Amateur by Richard Harding Davis
  3. " You know her pretty well," said Savile. – The Twelfth Hour by Ada Leverson