Synonyms for Synopsis:


report, account, round up. digest, summary (noun)
compendium, outline, abstract, abridgment, epitome, sketch, condensation.
summary (noun)
study at abridgment.
synopsis (noun)
epitome, sketch, compendium, overview, precis, outline, excerpt, prospectus, abstract, digest, condensation, resume, summary, abridgment.

Other synonyms:

account, round up. Other relevant words:
abridgment, report.

Usage examples for synopsis

  1. Individual Sovereignty, a reaction from Owenism, 42. Integral Phalanx, 377. Iowa Pioneer Phalanx, 409. Jacobi's Synopsis 133. James, Henry, writer for the Harbinger, 212; Swedenborgian, 546. Janson, Erick, founder of Bishop Hill Colony, 137. Jansonists, 137. Jefferson Co. – History of American Socialisms by John Humphrey Noyes